Which Ad Format Supports Pre-bid Verification With Integral Ad Science?

What is pre-bid verification?

Most of this verification is pre-bid verification. To explain it simply, as an advertiser enters a bid for a placement, a third party scans the page against a pre-determined set of rules to ensure the page on which the ad will appear is appropriate.

What is integrated AD science?

Integral Ad Science (IAS) is an American publicly owned technology company that analyzes the value of digital advertising placements. Integral Ad Science is known for addressing issues around fraud, viewability, brand risk and TRAQ, a proprietary media quality score. It was originally named “AdSafe Media”.

What is IAS pre-bid?

Pre-bid targeting is done through special segments that may be targeted for: viewability, suspicious activity, brand safety, anti-fraud and content categories. Pre-bid segments are based on individual page URLs or app bundles that IAS has determined fit certain criteria.

What is the difference between pre-bid and post-bid?

In pre-bid, for example, IVT avoidance is based on historical patterns observed against web pages and users; in post-bid blocking, however, IVT is detected in real-time and a blocking decision is thus made based on what is happening in the moment.

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How does double verify work?

Here’s how it works: Advertisers bid on and win fake ad inventory while fraudsters save data from the winning bids. The fraudsters then bid on and win real ad inventory while using multiple fake ad transactions and paying for just one slot, thereby cashing out on the uncounted impressions.

How much is integral AD science worth?

Integral Ad Science was bought out by Vista Equity Partners for $850M on Jun 4, 2018.

What is ad verify?

Ad verification is the process that advertisers take to quality check their ads and digital media from a safety, transparency and accountablity point of view – ensuring they are served within brand-safe environments to maximise viewable and valid (fraud-free) impressions.

What are status ads?

The “Status” column of your ads page signals whether or not an ad is active and the reason for its status. The status of an ad reflects changes that you make to that ad or its campaign and whether or not that ad’s been reviewed based on Google Ads policies.

What is viewability IAS?

Viewability is the ability for a digital ad to be seen by an actual consumer. To be considered viewable, an ad must meet the minimum guidelines set by the industry, and illegal bot traffic and other forms of ad fraud should never be included in the number of viewable impressions.

What is pre bid in programmatic?

Header bidding, also known as pre-bid, is an advanced programmatic technique where publishers offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges at the same time before making calls to their ad servers (mostly DoubleClick for Publishers).

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What are IAS tags?

Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global leader in digital ad verification, and Google Campaign Manager, the largest global ad server, today announced the first automated tag to seamlessly wrap campaigns with both ad server and third-party verification tags for Campaign Manager.

What is a post-bid meeting?

Post-bid allows a publisher’s demand sources to compete in one auction based on price after the ad server has declined to choose a direct-sold or exchange-based line item. Post-bid is the configuration scenario where a publisher loads and runs Prebid.

Is DoubleVerify a DSP?

DoubleVerify’s Integrated Metrics allow you to access DV-measured authentication data within your demand side platform’s (DSP) interface, making it easy to monitor performance and optimize programmatic campaigns.

How do you use Prebid?


  1. You add some code to your page (Prebid.
  2. Prebid.
  3. The demand sources return bids to the page.
  4. Prebid.
  5. Your ad server chooses the winning bid to serve based on line items targeting keywords that match price ranges.
  6. The page serves the creative from the winning bid.

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