Question: Who Is Science Bob?

Where is science Bob from?

“SCIENCE BOB” PFLUGFELDER is an elementary school teacher based in Newton, Massachussetts. He has made many television appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Live with Kelly and Michael, The Dr. Oz Show, and other media outlets. These are his first books.

What is Sciencebob?

Science Bob is a website offering experiments and videos to get kids excited about science. The site helps kids tell the difference between a true science inquiry and a science demonstration such as building a model volcano.

What is science Bob’s real name?

“Science Bob” Pflugfelder is a science teacher, author, maker, and presenter that knows how to share the world of science like never before.

What is science BOB known for?

“Science Bob” Pflugfelder is an award winning teacher, presenter, and television personality known for bringing science to life for both young and old. From mixing up some home-made slime, to creating huge foaming chemical reactions, Science Bob creates science experiences that are unforgettable.

What are the best science experiments?

Best Science Experiments And Activities for Kids

  • I am not kidding when I say these are the best science experiments for kids, and I have great reasons why! We do science and STEM year round here.
  • Make Slime.
  • Grow Crystals.
  • Construct a Catapult.
  • Dancing Corn.
  • Balloon Baking Soda.
  • Seed Jar Science.
  • Frozen Dinosaur Eggs.
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What are some good science experiments?

8 simple science experiments you can do at home

  • Tornado in a bottle. via GIPHY. You can create your own tornado in a bottle.
  • Rainbow in a glass. via GIPHY.
  • Gooey slime. via GIPHY.
  • Pasta rocket. via GIPHY.
  • Homemade lava lamp. via GIPHY.
  • Instant ice. via GIPHY.
  • Ferromagnetic fluid. via GIPHY.
  • Baking soda volcano. via GIPHY.

What are some simple science experiments?

You need to try this magic milk experiment using just milk, food coloring and dish soap.

  • Light refraction with a water bottle.
  • From dull, to shiny to… GREEN!
  • Rainbow fizzies.
  • Frozen Slime recipe.
  • Write Invisible Messages.
  • Edible Chocolate play dough.
  • Inverted balloon in a bottle.
  • Hot ice.

When was science Bob made?

Open since 1903, Fessenden is the oldest all-boys junior boarding school in the country and has 513 pupils enrolled. Science Bob has been there for 12 years, and currently teaches third and fourth-grade science.

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