FAQ: Why Did Kyle Leave Because Science?

When did Kyle leave because science?

The episodes were written and presented by Kyle Hill until 28th February of 2020, when he left Because Science for unknown reasons.

How old is Kyle Hill because science?

Kyle Hill (born: March 21, 1989 (1989-03-21) [ age 32 ]), is an American YouTuber who creates educational science videos.

Does Kyle Hill have a PHD?

Hill is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Minnesota (LP6044), graduating with his Ph. D. in clinical psychology in 2013 from University of North Dakota.

How tall is Kyle Hill?

On the 28th of February 2020, Hill published a video titled “Welcome to [THE FACILITY]” on his personal YouTube channel, wherein he announced his departure from Nerdist and the Because Science channel.

Is Kyle Hill a professor?

Kyle Hill is a science educator and entertainer based in Los Angeles, California. Kyle’s goal as a science educator and entertainer is to teach science in a fun and digestible way.

What happened with because science and Kyle Hill?

By combining forces of science and pop culture, Kyle Hill managed to entertain millions of viewers through the course of five years. But now, Hill has opted to walk out of the Because Science channel altogether to start his independent YouTube channel.

Where is Kyle Hill from?

Scientific Communication Officer: Scientific communication officers are responsible for communicating scientific information to non-scientific audiences. They might work in universities, public relations firms, research facilities, laboratories, print or online publications, or other science-related organizations.

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